Construction and building sites are often hit by equipment and material theft, causing project costs to rise. But building contractors incorporate these losses into their cost of doing business, eventually passing them on to the consumer.

The average price for a house in Sydney in 2013 is around $750,000, meaning that on average, an extra $7500 is often passed onto the homebuyer. 

According to a 2008 survey by the Australian Institute of Criminology, 39% of residential builders in Australia had suffered theft or vandalism, 19% had experienced theft alone and 7% had experienced vandalism alone. A further 13% of builders had experienced both theft and vandalism.

With some commercial building equipment costing upwards of $250,000, the stock losses from theft in the commercial construction sector are sobering. 

For example, according to the Civil Contractors Federation, research into the cost of equipment theft alone in the construction industry indicates that it may exceed $50 million a year across Australia.

However, preventing equipment and stock losses at building and construction sites is not rocket science, according to Guardsplus Australia Managing Director, Mr David Millward who notes that construction sites are often unattended at night and over most weekends, leaving them exposed to theft. Equipment can also go missing when the construction site is at its busiest with thieves taking advantage of the relative chaos of a work site to help themselves to the odd excavator or two.

Guardsplus is one of the few companies in Australia that specialises in the area of construction and building site security. The company employs a number of ex-construction industry workers as guards as well as people that have worked in the NSW Corrective Services Department and have studied criminal psychology and behaviour.

Guardsplus is also very experienced in static and asset protection, with a highly motivated cadre of guards that specialise in this field. Their security infrastructure relies heavily on technology including everything from pocket-sized night-day CCTV, to infrared night vision gear and even smartphone Apps that facilitate their surveillance work.

Guardsplus Australia has 25 years of industry experience and caters to a diverse client portfolio ranging from small residential builders and individuals to multinational construction corporations, with an international network of security specialist contacts, which means the company can provide personnel and solutions for any security problem, local or even global.