Ventis is a home ventilation system designed and manufactured in Australia to help households cut their heating costs, as well as improve customer health.
Over 3000 Ventis home ventilation systems fitted across NSW, South-East QLD and ACT are reducing greenhouse emissions for each household by a tonne, and the money-saving technology is being embraced by savvy Australian home owners.
Ventis home ventilation technology simply takes warm air out of the roof space of a house and pushes it into the home through hospital grade filters, taking out dust, pollen and other allergens, and reducing allergic reactions such as hay fever and asthma. By taking the warmer air out of the roof space, the Ventis system dries and warms the home and reduces any dangerous household mould issues.
Customers can control the amount of warm air being pumped into their homes, maximising the comfort in their living environment.
Martin and Jennifer from the Blue Mountains, who have installed a Ventis system, say that they are benefitting from the warm air being pumped into the house from early morning until early evening, reducing their heating costs.
David from Robinia Grove, Garden Suburbs has already seen a 30% reduction in his power bills over the previous year as his home needs less heating and cooling since the Ventis system’s installation.
The Ventis home ventilation system makes a house more energy efficient, saving money on heating and cooling, and uses less than 100 watts of power.
Feedback received from customers about improvements in family health also reveals a reduction in respiratory illnesses such as asthma, various allergic conditions including eczema, and even colds and flu. 
Kerrin from Walkers Bay, another happy customer says that she hasn’t had an asthma attack since the Ventis system was installed in her home. Previously, she used to have two asthma attacks each night from the mould in her home.
Vouching for the Ventis system, Peter from Narraweena says that his house is warmer, drier and generally more comfortable with great improvement in the health of three family members who suffer from asthma.
Vanessa Kendall from Sydney, whose children all suffer from hay fever and asthma whilst in bed, says that they haven’t been sneezing or coughing since the Ventis’ installation. She adds that it is lovely to come home to a house that doesn’t have that shut-up smell. The Ventis system has also reduced the odours from the kitchen.

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