A new variable speed swimming pool pump from Speck Pumps is designed to save significantly on energy costs while also lowering the impact on the environment.

The Badu Eco-Touch three-speed pump helps save over 70% of energy required to operate a conventional single-speed pool pump, saving money, cutting CO2 emissions and reducing noise. By minimising energy demands and achieving a much lower carbon footprint, the pool pumps also protect the environment.

Part of the internationally proven Badu pool and spa pump range featuring German-engineered Speck pumps manufactured by Continental Water in Australia for Australian conditions, the Eco-Touch pool pumps are available in both six-star and eight-star energy efficiency ratings. The three-speed six-star model delivers high performance while the three-speed eight-star model is a lower volume performance pump designed for pools that need maximum efficiencies.

By operating the Badu Eco-Touch pump across its three speeds, users can save more than three quarters of the energy consumed by a normal 1hp pump.

Designed to suit all domestic pools, the Eco-Touch 1hp pool pumps feature Speck Pump’s superior German technology to produce a sparkling, clean pool without impacting the pocket or the environment.

Continental also plans to introduce a new energy-saving design featuring an infinitely variable speed pump that can be set to any speed, allowing even greater flexibility to pool owners.

Key features of Badu Eco-Touch pool pumps:

  • 3-speed operation: 1900 rpm (filtration and circulation), 2410 rpm (manual vacuuming) or 2850 rpm (efficient backwashing)
  • Virtually noiseless at low speed
  • Significantly reduces energy usage depending on method of operation
  • Totally enclosed, fan-cooled, permanent magnet brushless DC motor for simple servicing
  • Electrically safe due to total separation between pool water and pump shaft
  • German design and engineering for ultimate efficiency
  • Can be used for pool water with salt level up to 5000ppm
  • Corrosion-resistant with stainless steel shaft and high quality, 100% recyclable plastics
  • 2-part screw-on/screw-off lid
  • 5-year warranty on wet end
  • 2-year warranty on motor
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