The CIES Symposium on Sustainability in Civil Infrastructure: Design, Construction and Resilience will be held on 10th October 2012 at the Kensington Campus, The University of NSW.

The CIES Symposium on Sustainability in Civil Infrastructure provides participants an opportunity to hear international and national leaders in the field of Sustainable Infrastructure research and practice as they speak on current trends and future outlook, and exchange ideas on key issues impacting the sustainable construction industry.

Hosted by the Centre for Infrastructure Engineering and Safety, part of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of NSW, the event will feature Emeritus Professor David Nethercot from Imperial College London and Professor Jin-Guang Teng from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as keynote speakers.

Speakers include Professor David Nethercot, Professor Jin-Guang Teng, Assoc. Professor Daksh Baweja, Scientia Professor Mark Bradford, Emeritus Professor Paul Grundy, Professor Rob Melchers, Professor Michael Neuman, Professor Brian Uy, Professor S. Travis Waller and Professor John Wilson.

Topics to be covered at the CIES Symposium include:

  • Deconstructable Composite Steel Concrete Beams
  • Corrosion of Steel Infrastructure in Marine Environments
  • Infrastructure Networks and Good City Process
  • Engineering Sustainable Construction with Concrete: Optimising Binders and Recycled Materials
  • Sustainable Bridges based on Hybrid FRP-Concrete- Steel Tubular Members
  • Natural Hazards – Manmade Disasters
  • Sustainability with Ultra High Performance and Geopolymer Concrete Construction
  • Seismic Performance of Point Fixed Glass Façade Systems
  • The use of Innovative Anchors for the Achievement of Composite Action for Rehabilitating Existing and Deployment of Demountable Steel Structures
  • Innovative Methodologies for Large-scale Stochastic Dynamic Transportation Network Systems
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