Leading garage door manufacturer Centurion Garage Doors has launched a new cyclone proof door ahead of the tropical season.

An important design element in many residential properties around Australia, garage doors also provide protection to residents during harsh tropical weather conditions. Following the introduction of new building codes for cyclonic proof garage doors in 2012, many garage door manufacturers simply added heavier and stiffer support beams to their doors to meet the new specifications.

However, the resultant excessive weight of these doors has turned into a safety risk, requiring the design elements to be revisited. Mark Canning of Centurion Garage Doors explains that traditional garage doors designed for cyclonic conditions often see over one-third of a tonne hanging over residents' heads, creating a major safety issue.

Challenged to design a lighter weight door, Centurion’s engineering team created the new revolutionary C2V2 cyclonic garage door, weighing a quarter of the weight of a traditional cyclonic door and only marginally heavier than a standard garage door. The doors have been specifically designed to provide a new level of safety for residents in cyclone prone areas such as Queensland.

Some of the design and performance highlights of the purpose-built C2V2 cyclonic garage doors include a patent pending webbing and track retention system; unique top panel retainer eliminating the need to install expensive heavy duty openers; innovative design meeting and surpassing current Australian safety standards; and patent pending, high tenacity polyester belt system with 2000kg load rating preventing the panels from separation in the event of cyclonic winds.

The C2V2 cyclonic garage door has a unique windlock style retainer for the top panel and roller, an Australian first in the industry. An integrated wind locking disc in the roller engages with the heavy duty track retainer on both sides of each door panel.

The belt system runs the full width of each panel and is connected to the door rollers. As the door flexes during wind loading, the belt system engages the rollers into the track retainers and forms an impenetrable connection between the door and the building.

Centurion's unique patent pending track retainer is manufactured from tempered structural grade aluminium extrusion. The door is safe to install in openings up to 3000mm high and 5500mm wide.

Centurion’s new C2V2 cyclonic garage doors will be available throughout Australia from September.

Centurion Garage Doors (CGD) is celebrating 40 years in business this year and has recently completed construction on its new purpose-built manufacturing site in Queensland. The $12.4-million facility is located in Stapylton and is now the business’ East Coast head office.

Image: Centurion’s unique patent pending track retainer