Australia's leading NATA accredited compliance testing and engineering business, Azuma Design has now launched a new portable on-site testing capability.

An adjunct to Azuma's testing laboratories in Sydney and Perth, the new Portable Rain and Wind Case (PRWC) equipment enables on-site testing for water penetration and wind pressure on buildings. The PRWC equipment is capable of creating water penetration pressures up to 1000 Pascals and testing for wind pressure of up to 2250 Pascals. 

Azuma's PRWC equipment can be taken to any product manufacturing facility, R&D site or on-site to a building to test the integrity of windows and doors.

Azuma's new portable capability enables testing according to the requirements of AS2047 Windows in Buildings standard to ensure that products pass Serviceability Deflection Test AS4420.2 and AS4420.5 Water Penetration Resistance Test.

Manufacturers, during the R&D process can save significant time and costs by pre-testing products at their own base, enabling design refinement before final accreditation testing at Azuma's NATA accredited facilities in Sydney and Perth.

Mike Alchin, Director of Design explains that the PRWC offers the opportunity to test products much earlier, more conveniently and more cost effectively than before. The PRWC enables Azuma to go to any R&D or manufacturing facility in Australia and test the products on site, without the need for customers to come to their facilities in the initial phase of product development.

Azuma offers capabilities to test wind pressure and water penetration under pressure at major building sites in capital cities, as well as privately owned homes all around Australia. 

The PRWC can identify areas that leak water or air by creating a pressure chamber and measuring any leakage, to find where improvement of a product or rectification of a building is necessary.

According to Mr Alchin, given the fixed nature of the wind and water testing applications, it is virtually impossible for the client to bring a problem to any testing facility, making Azuma’s on-site testing capability very useful.

Depending on the geographical location and structural requirements of a specific building, the PRWC can be used to test to any standard.

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