The AppliCad Solar Wizard software comprises of several tools designed to determine solar radiation as well as output from installed solar power systems.

An easy-to-use design and decision support software tool, AppliCad Solar Wizard includes new tools such as the unique QuickRoof Technology for 2D and 3D modelling measurements, Hip Roof Pitch Measure Technology, and custom MS Word and Excel report template output.

The new version incorporates some of the most innovative features available in solar planning software, simplifying the whole process.

Solar radiation levels

Designers can accurately determine levels of solar radiation for all structures using 3D CAD models and the NREL TMY3, or international EPW format insolation tables in just a few minutes. The Solar Wizard software determines the solar radiation on any structure, existing or proposed at any location on the planet and also maps the effect of shadows from surrounding structures and/or objects such as trees, chimneys, satellite dishes and attic vents.

Shadow effect

AppliCad Solar Wizard can calculate the shadow effect on the roof for each month or for a complete year, helping to determine specific roof sections that may be unsuitable for harnessing solar energy. It is possible to calculate the total solar radiation on each part of a roof structure within a given area, calculated as kilowatt hours per square metre.

Measured data may be user defined or extracted automatically from the NREL TMY3 data tables using USAF ID codes. European standard EPW files or user defined AppliCad format files may also be used.

New functions in the AppliCad Solar Wizard software:

  • New 2D to 3D roof and wall 'Quick-Roof Modelling Technology'
  • New professional client presentation of solar proposals in MS Word or Excel
  • New image capture and measure technology streamlines budgetary estimates
  • New self-paced online training program for learning and competency testing
  • New clip and paste directly from PDFs into the AppliCad workspace - makes working with building plans easier than ever
Key capabilities include:

  • Measure solar radiation that hits the roof and then break it down to individual panels as needed
  • Carefully explore all options for panel placement
  • Cast shadows for any month of the year across a whole year
  • Create custom annotated reports with % shadow, yield, plane azimuth, areas etc.
  • Determine accurate roof dimensions without a site visit
  • Automatically create roof feature length diagrams and pitch diagrams (in degrees, slope or %)
  • Advanced report generator using own MS Word and Excel templates
  • Full function 3D CAD program included
  • Use own aerial images or roof sketch plans
The AppliCad Solar Wizard software delivers several benefits to the user by simplifying the whole solar planning process in commercial, industrial and residential solar installations. Features such as fast and accurate shadow maps and radiation maps, and automated output of complete shadow analysis and radiation per panel or array help save time.

Once the most appropriate location for the proposed installation has been determined, the operator places the desired array on the model and then recalculates the radiation as it would hit the proposed array.

This information is represented graphically on the screen and also saved as a text file for re-use in engineering and accounting programs to determine effective ROI. The combination of the information generated by AppliCad's Solar Wizard with existing ROI tools creates a more complete client proposal for integrators and installers.

These reports can be a template in Microsoft Word or Excel and populated automatically directly from the Solar Wizard software. The integrated advanced report generator allows the operator to generate detailed client proposals based on the findings with site drawings and photographs.

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