The sixth annual Making Cities Liveable Conference will be held in conjunction with the Sustainable Transformation Conference from 17-19 June 2013 in Melbourne.

This means two conferences in one convenient location and time.

Abstracts are open for both conferences and the programme will be held over three days.

Day one will feature the Sustainable Transformation Conference and will feature four concurrent streams addressing several themes, including:

  • successful implementation of sustainable business structures, tools and opportunities 
  • what next with the carbon tax 
  • not-for-profit sector and sustainability 
  • moving beyond green with local government, business and sustainable development
  • recycling and waste management 
  • local business case studies – what works and what doesn’t 
  • transport and logistics
  • energy and technology.
Day two will have presentations from six keynote speakers with a mutual interest in both conferences. Keynote speakers are yet to be announced. There will also be open forums on day two.

Day three will feature the Making Cities Liveable Conference. It will have four concurrent streams addressing the following issues:

  • challenges and solutions to developing a liveable city 
  • healthy urban design
  • connecting people and places and looking at population growth
  • food security and the urban agriculture
  • interconnectivity, technology and transport within regional cities
  • natural resource management and urban landscapes/public spaces
  • working with climate change, energy consumption, generation and other challenges 
  • government, business leadership and education for behaviour change.