ABODO, a specialist in natural timber products, would like to introduce its new range – Elements. It is an innovative, carbon-negative range of timber building products designed to create greener, healthier and more beautiful buildings with more wood and less chemicals.

The Elements range provides wood products that are livable, durable and renewable. The natural timber is sourced from FSC certified plantations and use low-impact non-chrome, non-arsenic preservation treatments. ABODO also manages an industry-first timber recycling program.

ABODO marketing director Daniel Gudsell said the range was created in response to growing trends internationally to restrict the use of toxic wood preservatives that pose a significant risk to people and the environment – something he calls ‘nasty wood’.

“As a company with a strong interest in sustainability, we feel passionately about creating a product that is designed for the future – that means not only one that is going to last a long time, but is also going to have the least possible impact on our planet.”

The Elements range features high grade decking, cladding and structural timber products. It is built to last and comes with a 30 year guarantee, with an expected 50 years of service.

This innovative range of timber products can create warm and inviting outdoor living spaces, striking architectural exterior finishes, or a durable substructure for the home, light commercial or landscape building project.

  • Decking: Comes in two variations, Elements Sand and Elements Sand+. It is treated with non-chrome and non-arsenic wood preservatives to 100% penetration, and is kiln dried to give superior performance and surface finish. Sand+ is created from vertical grain timber and can be prefinished with two coats of plant-based oils and natural waxes.
  • Cladding: comes in Elements Sand+, is created from clear sapwood and engineered with vertical grain orientation to enhance natural features. The patented manufacturing process creates a weatherboard with superior stability and enhanced long term performance. It’s available in five profiles to achieve your desired look.
  • Structural: Elements Engineered Structural timber is created by bonding pre-preserved individual lamina with high performance formaldehyde-free adhesive. It has superior strength and stability, and is available pre-sealed with ClearPrime – the latest in wood primer technology.  Additionally, the standard Elements Structural timber is pressure treated and kiln dried, which is suitable for decking substructures, pergolas and other outdoor constructions.
ABODO is a privately-owned New Zealand based company which services a range of wood lovers in Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe.