A survey has revealed one third of building, construction, architecture and design businesses are not on social media even though 61 percent of businesses believe social media is now a crucial part of the marketing mix.

The 2012 survey of more than 1,126 businesses conducted by Infolink.com.au revealed 36 percent of businesses are not sure how to use social media to engage their market. 

Account Manager for Infolink.com.au, Chris Mottershead said, “Businesses understand that social media is an integral part of building their brand online and an excellent tool to engage and converse with their target audiences, however they don’t know how to use it to achieve this goal.” 

The survey revealed 72 percent of businesses know having a strategy for social media is important but they are unsure how to create this strategy to engage their followers. 

Additionally, nearly all businesses surveyed agreed having a website is important for businesses in their industry, yet one fifth still don’t have a website.  

When asked about what social media channels they use 38 percent said they have a Facebook page and 37 percent have a LinkedIn account. 

The survey also revealed 40 percent of businesses see tangible results from social media. 

“These businesses need to be on social media because that’s where their customers are,” said Mr Mottershead. 

“Businesses can engage with their customers on social media by starting conversations with them, posting information of value to them and providing great customer service,” said Mr Mottershead.

Business and non-business owners in the architecture, building, construction and design industries were surveyed about the effects of major issues in their industry including the economy, environmental issues and cost of resources.