Industrial Timber Finishing undertakes spray lacquer jobs on kitchen doors, shops and office fittings, cabinetry and joinery and any timber units which require this service. Work on flat panels are preferred than the built items which will give a better finish at minimum cost even though this is not possible all the time.

Clear finishes is the most common finishing Industrial Timber Finishing do. This is the best general purpose finish suitable for wall paneling, doors, kitchens and office furniture. It has a silky smooth finish and will resist alcohol, water, moderate heat and solvents and withstand moderate abrasion.

Prior to application, the surface will be polished in hard sanded flat and then sealing is done. After this machine sand the sealer flat before top coating with satin acid cat.

Stained finishes done by Industrial Timber Finishing will also be the same as clear finishes and one or two staining process. Usually a stain is applied to the timber before it get sealed and after that prior to top coating, a shading stain is applied to bring the colour exactly into line.

For stain colours Industrial Timber Finishing always works to a sample. There is no colour chart followed and vague formulas are avoid for this application. A different colour will be given depending on the application method considering the weather and type of timber.