Indoorskies Company recently executed a project for their client with the design brief requiring them to create a pleasant atmosphere in a boardroom.

Indoorskies client Construction and Project Management (Aust) Pty Ltd, located on Newstead Road, Queensland, sought to introduce a friendly and relaxed environment into their boardroom. The brief required Indoorskies to create the illusion of daylight using bright and diffused light in the existing dreary office space.

Indoorskies specialises in using high resolution graphics to create scenes from nature, complete with birds, animals, foliage and a sky background.

The product uses made-to-measure photographs and is installed in a suspended ceiling grid, placed on 30ml risers. Once backlighting is added, this graphic solution introduces a very positive and cheerful atmosphere into the room. The use of natural sceneries helps bring the great outdoors inside, effectively transforming dreary offices, restaurants, reception areas, and dental and MRI rooms into a delightful place for work, pleasure or play.