Independent Cement and Lime  is a specialist supplier of cement and cement-blended products to a variety of industries and major retail outlets throughout Victoria and New South Wales.

Established in 1987, Independent Cement and Lime provides to its customers innovative alternatives to traditionally manufactured cementitious products. As a distributor Independent Cement and Lime ensure the products are manufactured to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and therefore minimise the environmental impact of producing the products.

Independent Cement and Lime is a major distributor of Portland (Type GP) Cement. Portland & Blended cements may be used as binders in concrete, concrete masonry, mortar and grouts. They may also be used in the manufacture of fibre cement products, in soil stabilization in construction and civil engineering projects. Portland & Blended Cements are manufactured to comply with all applicable requirements of AS 3972 and consist of 97 % cement clinker.

Independent Cement and Lime provide more environmentally responsible materials such as blended cementitious products using slag (a by-product produced in the manufacture of steel) and fly-ash (a by-product produced in the manufacture of electricity). Portland (Type GP) cement from Independent Cement and Lime contains up to 80 % recycled slag, reducing greenhouse emissions without compromising performance in comparison to traditional cementitious products.