Steel Pave steel paving products from Independent Cement and Lime  provide a more durable solution for pavement stabilisation and recycling than conventional GP cements.  Steel Pave strengthens over time, and has a reduced potential for cracking and thermal stress cracks due to its lower heat of hydration and lower shrinkage properties.  This leads to stronger, longer lasting finishes.

Steel Pave has improved workability over conventional cement materials.  This allows more time to work with the product at all stages of the project, from mixing and compaction to grading.

Quality control of the product is maintained at a specialised manufacturing plant, and blending is done in purpose-built facilities.  This allows variations and cementitious material combinations to be made by engineers to suit specific projects.

Steel Pave steel paving products can be used in a variety of projects, including deep lift recycling, pavement construction, soil stabilisation, maintenance and patching and on building and mining sites.