As customer demand for cementitious products grows each year it is important to share in the challenge to meet this growth whilst managing the environment. Blended cement supplier, Independent Cement and Lime therefore, offer EcoBlend, a sustainable cement product that has been developed to reduce the environmental impact of cementitious binders used in the production of concrete and stabilisers.

The blended cement products in the EcoBlend range use supplementary cement materials such as slag and flyash to deliver numerous environmental benefits that  include:

  • Reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions during manufacture
  • Efficient utilisation of a recovered resource stream;and
  • Significant reductions in the energy required to manufacture the cement products, without adversely effecting product quality or performance.
The Ecoblend range of products is available throughout New South Wales and Victoria in bulk or bagged form. For more information please visit the Independent Cement and Lime website.