Independent Cement and Lime is committed to providing to its customers pioneering alternatives to traditionally manufactured cementitious products.

Established in 1987, Independent Cement and Lime Pty Ltd, together with its subsidiary companies Steel Cement Pty Ltd and Building Products Supplies Pty Ltd is a specialist supplier of cement and cement-blended products to industries and major retail outlets throughout Victoria and New South Wales.

With ever growing customer demand for cementitious products each year, Independent Cement and Lime engage in the challenge to meet this growth whilst minimising the environmental impact of production.

More consumers are choosing to purchase products generated from renewable resources or require the burning of less fossil fuels in their production. Independent Cement and Lime provide environmentally responsible materials such as blended cementitious products using slag (a by-product created in the manufacture of steel) and fly ash (a by-product created in the manufacture of electricity) while assuring these products meet or exceed industry standards.