Sustainability is a major focus area at Independent Cement and Lime (ICL), a leading supplier of cement and cement-based products in Victoria and New South Wales. Committed to reducing Australia’s carbon footprint, the company is heavily invested in developing products that reduce environmental impact.

Having taken up the challenge to reduce the carbon footprint over two decades ago, ICL is now stepping up its efforts to achieve greater outcomes and identify commercially viable ways of doing so. Though the company continues to invest in R&D, its immediate challenge is to expand its production capacity in the most cost effective way at its South Wharf facilities.

ICL seeks the support of the Government in locating a suitable port site, which will allow the company to further increase its production capacity. By extending support, the Government will be assisting a local business that has been prepared to invest in sustainability well before it was called on to do so. Additionally, the Government can provide tangible support through building codes, specify the use of Ecoblend cement products in Government projects and support R&D projects.