Independent Cement and Lime is committed to providing innovative alternatives to the traditionally produced cementitious products. As a distributor, Independent Cement and Lime works hard to ensure that products sold are manufactured to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and as a result minimize the environmental impact. Independent Cement and Lime‘s state of the art blending facilities help engineers to specify all kinds of variations in cement blending processes that are necessary for specific project requirements.
Independent Cement and Lime’s Agricultural lime increases farm productivity.Independent Cement and Lime is a member of the Victorian Limestone Producers Association and it complies with the standard code of conduct and testing protocol. 

Ecoblend range of cements from Independent Cement and Lime is specifically manufactured with a special formula that reduces the environmental impact of cementitious products used in concrete and stabilisation products. Ecoblend uses supplementary cements such as slag and flyash, produced by a different cement blending process, to make sure there is a significantly lower life cycle impact. 

Ecoblend from Independent Cement and Lime also provides the option of using a binder with less material input, energy input and emission output. With this process a very low embodied energy substance can be created. Significant environmental upgradation is complimented by Ecoblend’s technical qualities and has no adverse cost implications.