The Ecoblend range of cements from Independent Cement and Lime are specifically formulated to reduce the environmental impacts of cementitious binders used in concrete and stabilisation products.

Ecoblend uses supplementary cements such as slag (a by-product of steel production) and flyash (a by-product of electricity production) to ensure a significantly lower product life cycle impact; it provides the option of using a binder with significantly less material input, energy input and emission output. 

The Ecoblend range of blended cements conforms to AS 3972 Type GB general and special purpose cement standards. Independent Cement and Lime’s specialised blending facilities provide consistent, homogeneous cement products with predictable performance characteristics. Continual blend analysis ensure tight controls on quality.

Ecoblend from Independent Cement and Lime consists of various specified proportions of Ordinary Portland Cement (GP), Ground Slag (GGBFS) and/or Fly ash (in the case of a triple blend). Ecoblend cement has a minimum supplementary cement material (SCM) component of 30% and high cement clinker component of 97 %. 

The Ecoblend range of products is available throughout New South Wales and Victoria in bulk or bagged form. Independent Cement and Limes Ecoblend, Australian Builders (Type GB) and Steel Cement has achieved the "Good Environmental Choice" declaration, offered by Australian Environmental Labelling Association Inc (AELA).