IMVA  supplies a range of building and roofing materials, three dimensional sine boards, kerb making machineries, concrete slip form machineries, and gas and oil burners. IMVA supplies wall sliding materials, building and roofing materials through its operating division KMEW. The KMEW wall sliding materials supplied by IMVA are easy to install and maintain. The environment friendly wall sliding materials supplied by IMVA is resistant to extreme weather conditions. The KMEW wall sliding materials from IMVA is available in 1880mm to 3030mm plank forms.

The wall sliding materials distributed by IMVA are available in 12mm to 18mm thicknesses. The wall sliding materials from IMVA have fire ratings up to one hour. IMVA supplies a range of roof shingles manufactured by KMEW. The light weight roof shingles from IMVA have water proof and weather resistance qualities. ARROW 110 is a concrete kerb manufacturing machine supplied by IMVA. The compact ARROW 110 machines from IMVA can be used to produce concrete kerb required for gardens and car parks.

The ARROW 770 range of dry system machines from IMVA is suitable for producing concrete kerbs up to 690mm widths.