The new generation of Darley EHP-TL press brakes from IMTS Laser Specialists feature significant improvements. The AC servo motors for the driving of the back gauges are also applied and Hydraulic is used for the crowning.

Darley EHP-TL press brakes have been improved to be faster more user friendly and accurate, and safer. The table of the press brakes has been made longer to tighten the design of the machines. The additional support beam on the bottom of the press brakes is absolute, making the machine more accessible to the operator. The hight of the table has been increased from 900 mm to 950 mm as people are generally taller nowadays.

Faster and less maintenance with Darley EHP-TL press brakes

The most important changes are the operation of the crowning and the driving of the back gauges. Darley applies new AC servo motors instead of DC motors in the previous generation. Customers require more and more technically advanced machines and the need for customer specific machines has shown a sharp increase. Darley are able to achieve competitive prices for customised solutions.

By using the new AC servo motors for the back gauges, the speed is increased to 1000 mm per second for the x-axes and the need for maintenance is reduced. The AC servo motors feature carbon brushes that are less susceptible to malfunctions and maintenance. If there is an engine failure then they only the AC servo motor and copy the parameters from the previous need to be changed. The installation and tuning is not necessary anymore as after changing the motors, the machine is rapidly employable.

New drive for hydraulic crowning

The introduction of a new hydraulic drive for the crowning of the EHP-TL press brakes has significantly increased the speed. Hydraulic is faster than an electrical motor as the hydraulic control is stronger. The oil tank has also been changed and the additional cover on the backside of the machine is not used anymore. This avoids additional noise and resonance. The heat is now better guided as the thermal stability benefits. In countries like Italy or Spain, the installation of oil coolers is not always necessary and in some cases can be prevented.

Safety light screen on the back of the press brakes

The customer can choose a standard fencing or a light screen that covers the back side of the EHP-TL press brakes. A light screen provides faster access to the back of the EHP-TL press brakes. The new type of bending support is a further improvement and Darley now uses an electrical motor which is not only stronger but also faster to mount. Darley can install this much faster than a hydraulic bending support.