The surveillance and monitoring services offered by Imperial Security are efficient and enable clients  keep a watchful eye on the buildings, pools, factories, car yards and surrounding areas. These monitoring systems can also be extended to the work area, home or even a holiday destination. While monitoring, Imperial Security will also alert customers on the developments found during the surveillance and monitoring activity.

Whether it is a large commercial or industrial complex or a small domestic area, Imperial Security offers to provide access control systems, which allow customers to determine who gains entry into the premises. Through its access control systems, Imperial Security claims to restrict access to only those who are authorised to enter.

The access control systems from Imperial Security are also capable of incorporating a range of options from pass key to video cameras and Iris (eye) identification to finger print identification. Imperial Security offers a choice of several internationally-reputed and branded access control equipment . Sophisticated intercom systems are also available from Imperial Security for monitoring security operations. These systems are arranged by Imperial Security for use at its customer locations.