Established in 1996, Ilum-a-Lite manufactures a wide range of energy conservation products and services. Ilum-a-Lite distributes a gamut of lighting solutions which aid in conserving energy and saving cost. Energy conservation products from Ilum-a-Lite include a range of fluorescent lightings solutions which are environment friendly. Ilum-a-Lite supplies fluorescent lighting solutions across the globe through professional distributors. Ilum-a-Lite specialises in offering premium quality lighting solutions. Engineered with reliability and durability, lighting solutions from Ilum-a-Lite are easy to install and maintain.

Fluorescent lights from Ilum-a-Lite normally work within standard utility supply voltage. These fluorescent lights switch from normal to economy mode with the help of auto transformers. These auto transformers after an initial start up period switch to reduced voltage. Fluorescent lights from Ilum-a-Lite save up to 30 % energy.

Experienced staff from Ilum-a-Lite offers professional customer service. The staff from Ilum-a-Lite assists and advices the clients in choosing the right lighting solutions that match with their requirements. Experienced staff from Ilum-a-Lite aids in installation of lighting solutions. They also offer professional and prompt delivery to the clients. Staff from Ilum-a-Lite also specialises in assisting clients with their queries.