International architectural lighting specialist Iguzzini announces the addition of a new product to their innovative Laser Blade range of LED downlights.

iGuzzini’s Laser Blade represents an iconic collection of downlights, continuously evolving since their launch several years ago, to offer greater versatility and better performance. The Laser Blade was the first linear downlight to perfectly integrate into architecture, transforming small invisible LEDs into powerful, uniform circles of light. The award-winning range includes Laser Blade XL, Laser Blade L, Laser Blade, Laser Blade System53 and Laser BladeInOut, with installations at several prestigious projects such as the European Council in Brussels (2016), the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum in Arese, Italy (2015), Athens international airport (2014) and the Eataly building in Chicago (2014).

The latest in the range, Laser Blade XS ‘The Blade’ is an icon of miniaturisation at just 28mm wide, cutting through ceilings and disappearing into grooves to provide the ultimate experience in visual comfort and maximum expression of architecture. Meeting the needs of architects and lighting designers who seek to show light without revealing its source, The Blade’s miniaturisation has been made possible through innovative micro-optics, microchips, nanotechnology and micro-solutions for heat dissipation.

Massimiliano Guzzini, Business Innovation & Networking Director at iGuzzini, says the Laser Blade XS ‘The Blade’ is an additional evolution in their offer of design solutions for perfect integration in interiors, a breakthrough made possible by their vast technological know-how.

Key features of The Blade include ability to deliver asymmetric light to illuminate vertical surfaces, or high-contrast light with different beam angles (24°, 36°, 55°); narrow beam allowing design elements to be accented, and wider beam used for general lighting; all beams guaranteeing excellent visual comfort thanks to the LEDs’ recessed position; special configuration of the optical system creating a perfectly homogeneous circular distribution with no multiple shadows; choice of linear and square forms offering great design flexibility; and white, black, gold or anthracite grey finishes for total integration in diverse application settings.

Laser Blade XS ‘The Blade’ features Tunable White, an innovative technology that allows users to adjust the colour temperature (the white colour variation) from 2700K to 5700K to improve psychological wellbeing through dynamic light with a rich spectrum, similar to daylight. Chromatic rendering is outstanding (CRI >90) also with warm colours, such as red.

The world premiere of Laser Blade XS ‘The Blade’ took place in London, the first stop of the international Blade Tour that continued on to Berlin, Paris, Lyon, Shanghai, Dubai, Sydney, Auckland and New York.

The Blade was awarded Architectural Interior Luminaire of the Year at the Lighting Design Awards held in London.