OS Screens is a dedicated projection screen manufacturer, well known throughout Asia for its high-quality and cost-effective screens. The projection screens are available in a wide variety of surfaces and installation options, from fixed frame and pull-down screens, to retractable and portable products.

Models designed specifically for the education and business markets, include a low-cost range of 4:3 manual and pull down projection screens, as well as a portable 80" mobile pop up screen. These products feature ‘White Mat’ screen material, which reduces interference patterns and is adaptable to high-output projectors.

OS projection screens are also available as fixed frame products featuring organic 'Pure Mat II' screen material, specifically designed by OS to effectively reflect the light in a dispersed and wide-angle with spot-free equal brightness for high quality image reproduction. With the tension on the screen kept in all directions, the patented spring screen ensures an excellent flat screen surface, and offers the best effects of images at all times.

The screens also include an affordable range of 16:9 aspect manual and motorised pull down models. These projection screens are ideal for home theatre and entertainment venues. With their compact size, the units can be suspended or fixed to a ceiling or wall to meet the requirements of a particular location.

These projection screens implement patented technology developments by OS, including ball-stop and soft-winding mechanism, which allows manual projection screens to be raised and lowered as easily as electric models, mitigating the risk of overpowered retraction.

“The projection screens feature a number of commercial applications ideal for the boardroom and classroom as well as for consumer applications in the home entertainment space,” says Gerry Wilkins, managing director IDT. “It provides the opportunity to implement high-quality screens, comparable to the top-end of the market, at an affordable price-point.”

Image Design Technology P/L (IDT) has announced an exclusive partnership with OS Screens to distribute its complete range of projection screen products in Australia. OS Screens is a member of the OS Group, which has a history of 52 years as a leader in the screen industry in Japan.