With extensive research and development and a team of qualified professionals, Idec Solutions strives to design and construct building projects for its clients. The drafting staffs, engineers, fabricators, on-site personnel and project directors have together accomplished many commercial and industrial design and construction projects for its clients.

Idec Solutions uses state of the art technology and is committed to provide quality fabrication services to its clients. Qualified welding inspectors, pre qualified welders and trade qualified labour takes care of the fabrication division of Idec Solutions. The fabrication facility has an output capacity of more than 250 tonnes per month.

The fabrication capabilities of Idec Solutions include gantry fabrication, pipe works, general structural steel fabrication, gantry guards, mining structural steel, and so on. Idec Solutions strives to offer affordable fabrication solutions to its clients.

Tower steel works are also taken up by the fabrication team of Idec Solutions. All the tasks are performed complying with the Australian standards.

Idec Solutions has accomplished many projects for its clients. A project was carried on for Almax Factory, which is located in Brisbane. Idec Solutions undertook the tasks of civil, structural and architectural design, fabrication of structural steel and construction management services for the project.