With many years of experience, Idec Solutions offers a wide range of professional services to its clients. The services are offered across many sectors including construction, design and engineering.

Consulting services offered by Idec Solutions includes extraction of plants, preparation of concept plans, and preparation of drawings for industrial developments and sports complexes and engineering of concrete batching. Besides this project programming and construction budgets are also prepared by Idec Solutions.

Idec Solutions provides its clients with environmental assessment services and architectural design solutions. Certification and approval for building construction and structural engineering design services are also offered by Idec Solutions.

Design and supply of pre-engineered buildings are done by Idec Solutions. In order to provide the clients with both functionality and cost effective construction solutions, Idec Solutions follows a flexible approach.

Unlike the traditional steel frames, the portal frames of Idec Solutions spans more distances. This is done by using a system of non-prismatic rafters and columns. This approach also helps the clients in saving steel and thus a cost effective approach is followed by Idec Solutions. The corporate clients of Idec Solutions include Reece, Chalmers, and Kimberly Clark, to name few.