The concept design stage of Ideal Industries , sometimes involve detailed research in terms of technical matters as well as observation of users and pointing out questions. The detail design stage involves starting up of technical development that culminates in manufacturing of documentation. The designs are determined functionally based on three dimensions. All the required materials as well as processes are selected for the components. Ideal Industries solves technical aspects carefully. Product graphics are laid out and stirred.

Deliverables under detail design involves CAD layout drawing in 2D or 3D and rendering of exterior and mockups of product graphics. The third stage of product design and development comprises of prototype rue test of the proposed product. Clients order varied number of prototypes of which some requires destructive testing, some are for market purpose and some for user interaction evaluation. Ideal Industries recommends clients to seek intellectual property protection. After the completion of prototype Ideal Industries helps clients in liaison with patent attorneys as well as provides them with notes and illustrations in order to speed up the protection process.

The manufacturing documentation stage of Ideal Industries sees to it that the nuances of the design are captured as well as carefully specified in order to communicate them correctly to the tool maker and the manufacturer. Under the manufacturing liaison stage Ideal Industries guide the product in the course of the tooling stage up to client approval the first production sample.