Icon Plastics  manufactures a range of special products for specific industrial markets, such as the automotive industry, the boat and marine industry, for material handling, and the mining and packaging industries.

Icon Plastics produces numerous specific components for the automotive industry, including extruded plastic products and injection moulded plastic units, such as hood seals, battery trays, body side mouldings, plugs and bumpers.

The range of products for the boat and marine industry manufactured by Icon Plastics, are made of high quality UV resistant polymer, which is recommended for outdoor marine conditions.

Materials handling products from Icon Plastics include crates, tote boxes and storage bins. Additionally, agricultural boxes are available from Icon Plastics, which can be used in several industrial applications, as well.

Icon Plastics produces some special products such as, edge strips, insulators and crane location pyramids meant for use in the refining industry.

The packaging range from Icon Plastics includes bottles, caps and vials, measuring spoons and droppers. These products, if so specified by its clients can be hermetically sealed and sterilised with gamma radiation, by Icon Plastics. Bottles produced by Icon Plastics are suitable for hospital, consumer or industrial requirements.