Icon Plastics  produces a wide range of blow moulded plastic products for use in the health industry, especially in baby care, under the brand name, ‘grow baby range’. These products include breast pumps, shield kits, baby bottles and teethers, and silicon teats.

The breast pumps from Icon Plastics come as affordable, compact and simple to use gadgets. Each pump is supplied by Icon Plastics, with a set of accessories, such as a 150ml bottle, shield, tubing and valve membrane with a wide neck collar and adaptor.

The breast shield kit from Icon Plastics is supplied with a 150ml bottle, shield, valve membrane, tubing and a wide neck collar with adaptor. This product from Icon Plastics is compatible for use with several other models of breast pumps, and is easily cleaned.

Baby bottles from Icon Plastics come in various sizes and capacities, in baby friendly shapes. Icon Plastics supplies baby bottles with collar, disc and slow flow teat. Additionally, Icon Plastics also produces a variety of baby teethers, in various attractive shapes, such as dinosaur, fish and penguin. Baby teethers from Icon Plastics are good for baby use and can be cleaned easily in hot water, miltons solution, steam or in a microwave steriliser.