Ice Solair answers some FAQs about its innovative solar air conditioning units which provide cost effective clean green solar air.

Q. How does the solar air conditioning system work?

A. The ICE Solair is a modified version of a standard split system air conditioning unit. It has been modified optimise the efficiency of the outdoor condenser unit through capture of thermal energy from the ambient temperature using a flat plate collector.

Q. How much power does the plate collector generate?

A. The collector doesn’t actually generate any power, it works to extend the duration that the compressor is shut off for once the room has reached its desired temperature. It does this through the absorption and storage of the ambient temperature.

Q. How does the collector improve the efficiency of the Solair air conditioners?

A. The captured ambient temperature from the collector is used to heat and expand the refrigerant, reducing the amount of work that the compressor has to do. This system helps to achieve substantial energy savings once the room reaches its desired temperature. The condenser turns off and remains off considerably longer than other air conditioners thanks to the collector continuing to pressurise the refrigerant.

Q. Does the collector need to be installed on the roof?

A. No. The collector is wall mounted next to the outdoor air conditioning unit.

Q. Does the collector need direct sunlight?

A. No. The collector is designed to function in ambient temperature, with a range of -5 to 50 degrees Celsius. The collector does become more efficient with increased heat.

Q. Why is the air conditioner called Solar if it doesn’t need direct sunlight?

A. The ambient temperature absorbed by the panel is created by sunlight. 

Q. Are they suitable for installation one in office buildings?

A. Yes. The air conditioning units are ideal for both home and office installation. They should be carried out by a Certified ICE Solair installer.

Q. Do you sell multi-head systems?

A. Yes. The head units can also be operated individually, each with its own remote.

Q. Is the conditioning unit provided under warranty?

A. Yes. Solair extends a 1 year Parts and Labour Warranty, applicable to all air conditioning units purchased and installed in Australia or New Zealand by an approved Solair installer. Up to 5 years extended warranty can also be purchased.