HySSIL wall panel produced by Hyssil has a wide range of applications, predominantly where lightweight, high strength and energy efficiency are significant factors. HySSIL is the final stage of BCA compliance testing. HySSIL can be used as a substitute for all types of pre-cast concrete, bricks, blocks etc.

HySSIL is ideal for apartments, commercial office complexes, factories, housing, student accommodation, hotels, motels, recreational facilities, shopping centres, schools, universities, community centres, hospitals, cinema halls, concert halls, road noise barriers, coolrooms and wine storage facilities.

HySSIL has its own patented manufacturing process in processing HySSIL that is used as a controlled batching process and it is designed as a mixer to produce consistent mix quality. The manufacturing process involves designed mixer and controlled batch sequence to attain a consistent quality in terms of structural soundness and a smooth water-resistant surface finish.

HySSIL has developed a panel system that is particularly designed for application is in single and double storey building. This integrated panel system is cost effective and it is an alternative to traditional methods of building construction. The HySSIL project has brought various teams of scientists, engineers and technologists together with skilled professionals in areas covering materials science, concrete technology, structural engineering, chemistry and manufacturing.