Two webinars from the 2019-20 Timber Queensland webinar series are now live.

For those who are interested in knowing more about the timber industry, or love seeing sustainable thinking in action, Hyne Timber announces that the two October 29 webinars can now be accessed for viewing.

Webinar 1

Title: Round logs into rectangular shapes

Duration: 32 minutes

Presenter: David Bennetts

Ever wondered how we turn logs into building materials? David Bennetts, Manufacturing Support Manager at our Tuan mill, tells all in this webinar.

Webinar 2

Title: Growing a Timber Plantation

Duration: 26 minutes

Presenters: Stephanie Hunt & Michelle McAndrew

Michelle has been working as a forester in Queensland plantations for nearly 20 years. She currently oversees the management of HQP's forest management certification. Stephanie engages with plantation neighbours, visitors and other stakeholders to promote forest stewardship.

Watch the two webinars here.