Lead image: Robert Mansell explaining the new Hyne Design 7 at the Equinox Show

Users of Hyne Design 7 software are required to install version 7.4 in order to continue using this free program after June 2015. Hyne Design software is owned by Hyne Timber.

Robert Mansell, Design Solutions Manager for Hyne Timber commented that Hyne Design software has evolved over a number of years to provide their customers with a simple tool, adding value to their businesses and building customer loyalty. New versions are continuously introduced so that the software remains contemporary. Version 7.4, the latest update of the software, is now available for users.

Users can update their software and install the latest version before the end of this month on the Hyne website. Failure to do so may result in users having to re-register to access the software.

Mr Mansell explains that Hyne Design 7 delivers innovative design procedures with a comprehensive range of timber products, powerful graphical interface, commanding complex loads functions, and superior reporting and certification for the user.

The software allows users to design all building elements such as bearers and joists, roof beams and rafters, frames and lintels, battens and ceiling joists, hanging beams, strutting beams, hip beams, bracing and tie down.

One of the most widely used timber design tools in Australia, Hyne Timber’s design software, Hyne Design 7 is completely free to use and only requires a simple registration. Access is available at varying levels including the ability to design timber structures and produce the appropriate certificates where accredited to do so.

Hyne Design 7 is one of the most comprehensive structural timber design software packages available and incorporates the latest changes to the Australian Building Code and Standards. The software is supported by Hyne Timber’s technical team who can also provide free training to registered users upon request.

A survey of 30 structural engineering firms across Australia conducted in late 2010 for the Forest Wood Products Association found that most consulting firms used structural design software such as Hyne Design for residential applications.

To download the update, please click HERE.