The rambling, rural setting on the outskirts of Kingaroy, sits adjacent to the historic Taabinga Cemetery. On approach, down the poplar lined avenue, the building subtly folds out of fields of yellow and green, floating amidst an ‘oasis like’ pocket of eucalypts.

JMA Architects Brisbane specified Hyne Timber 's pine beams to ensure an economical and practical design that created the flexibility for the Kingaroy Crematorium building.

Hyne specified their Hynebeam 17S pine beams, which were then doubled, blocked, plated and bolted to be used for the columns with a single rafter beam fitted between as well as window and door headers / lintels between wide portal bay spacings.

This allowed for large, wide, high and well ventilated spaces.

Overall features of the environmentally friendly laminated pine beams:
  • strongest softwood glue laminated bean available
  • ideal for high load structural applications
  • easier to install than steel
  • produced from renewable resources
Hyne products used for the Kingaroy Crematorium project
  • Main Chapel: Hynebeam 17S Select Grade LOSP H3. Various Sizes from 165 x 85 to 395 x 85
  • Verandahs: 195 x 85 Hynebeam 17S Select Grade LOSP H3