Laminated timber beams from Hyne Timber  were used to create a low maintenance structural system to span over three new pools built by the Brisbane City Council (BCC).

The three new swimming pools were built in the Brisbane suburbs of Runcorn, Upper Mt Gravatt, and Colmslie. A major component of the design brief was to incorporate a comprehensive range of environmentally sustainable design elements and materials, focussing on future ease of maintenance.

The use of deep section laminated timber beams was identified very early in the design process as a means of providing an efficient and low maintenance structural system to span over the salt water laden indoor pool enclosures.

Hyne was approached to provide technical advice, particularly in relation to the challenges presented with on-site assembly and connection of major structural elements including beams and columns, many of these being nearly 1 metre in depth.

The first two projects undertaken at Runcorn and Upper Mt Gravatt used internal steel plated connections requiring deep mortices to be cut into the beams on site prior to erection and bolting in place. Following ongoing consultation with the builders, the BCC Design team and Hyne, a less labour intensive dowelled and socketed connection method was utilised in the Colmslie Pool project.

The careful selection of materials including the use of Hyne laminated timber beams and columns has resulted in three striking new Aquatic Centres, which have been extremely well received by the people of Brisbane.

Hyne products used in the BCC pool project:

  • Columns 600 x 115 HYNEBEAM 17 Portal Column
  • Roof beams 900 x 115 HYNEBEAM 17 – 21m span
  • Purlins 460 x 115 & 330 x 85 HYNEBEAM 17 – 13m (max) span
  • Connections 900 x 12mm galvanised MS plate with M24 galvanised bolts