Hyne T3 Green from Hyne Timber is designed for basic, external, above ground structural applications. Produced using MGP10 mechanically graded Hyne Frame for strength and reliability, and H3 treated for outdoor durability, Hyne T3 Green is easily recognisable by its light green colour.

For builders Hyne T3 Green is ideal for constructing pergolas carports, verandas and decks, and it’s available in the commonly required sizes for these outdoor end use applications. HyneT3 Green can be substituted for F5 and F7 visually graded H3 pine in most cases and as it is completely non-toxic to humans, it is safe for builders to use.

For designers and specifiers, Hyne T3 Green’s ability to replace lower visually graded H3 structural softwood products means that every piece has been tested to ensure that it has the strength and reliability for the designed end-use application.

Hyne T3 Green is produced from renewable resources, protecting our environment for future generations. Hyne T3 Green is available in set lengths packs ranging from 2.4 to 6.0m.

Hyne T3 Green used in outdoor, above ground constructions is guaranteed for a period of 25 years from the date of supply.