Hyne, a leading structural softwood producer has released T2 Red, a new termite resistant plantation softwood framing with guaranteed protection against tropical termites.

Specifically developed for the voracious mastotermes darwinensis species in Central and North Queensland, research shows that T2 Red provides absolute protection while being totally non-toxic and safe to use.

T2 Red is part of the Hyne Trueframe range of environmentally-friendly structural softwood products, which also features T2 Blue for protection south of the Tropic of Capricorn.

This means that Hyne now has the frames and trusses of Australian homes completely covered for all types of termites, in all parts of Australia, says Peter Hyne, General Manager Wholesale.

“Our challenge was to come up with a formulation for the complete protection of structural softwood framing that had even better environmental credentials. It also had to be affordable, readily available and easily identifiable.”

“We have insisted that the formulation has minimal volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and a totally unobtrusive odour,” he said.

Hyne recommends use of T2 Red for Queensland locations from Rockhampton north, and T2 Blue for all those south of the tropics. Both are coloured accordingly for easy recognition.

All T2 Red and T2 Blue framing is completely safe to humans and other mammals, is biodegradable and has a 25 year fully transferable guarantee against termite attack.