Hyne LVL E-Beam+ (F17) engineered beams offer structural properties that are equivalent to or better than hardwood F17 at competitive prices. Engineered to maximise the efficient use of material and time, it features uniform engineering properties and a high strength to weight ratio

With a consistent and reliable performance due to its engineered process, Hyne LVL E-Beam+ is available in lengths from 3.6m to 7.2m, with longer lengths up to 12.6m to suit specific jobs.

It is available in a full range of section sizes, and has chamfered edges for safer and more comfortable handling.

The LVL E-Beam+ is manufactured from 100 per cent plantation pine, and conforms to the requirements of AS/NZS 4357 – Structural Laminated Veneer Lumber. The design loads used to determine member sizes in Hyne Design is based on AS 1684.1 1999 – Residential Timber Framed Construction.

E=Beam+ (F17) can also be integrated with other cost effective timber products that make up the Hyne ETP package. It is available in untreated or H2 S treated as specified in AS 1604. 4.

The product is available as pack lots for wholesale and commercial enquiries only. It is recommended for use as floor joists and bearers, lintels and verandah beams, and as structural roof members.