Laminated beams from Hyne Timber were selected for installation on the external façade of the Mingara One Fitness Centre located on the NSW Central Coast.

Sandy Strazds of Graphite Architects who worked with Mingara Recreation Club on the external façade design specified striking timber blades that reached the full 9m height of the building. Sandy explains that the timber blades were fundamental to their design to offer sun-shading to the fully glazed western façade of the building, while still providing filtered views.

Hyne Beam 21, the selected product is a range of laminated beams produced from richly coloured and textured Australian red hardwood. The naturally durable, termite-resistant timber has an excellent record for strength and performance, and is also known for its appealing looks.

Hyde timber products used for the fitness club’s façade design included 800 x 83 Hyne Beam 21S Select Grade for the screen beams and 445 x 83 Hyne Beam 21S Select Grade for the portal frame.