New design software needed for refreshed Hyne Truebeam ranges

Hyne  is calling on architects, building designers and builders to refresh its Hyne Design software to coincide with enhancements to its engineered timber products, marketed as Hyne Truebeams.

Effective 1 March 2008, there are three changes to the Hyne Truebeams value package, from which wholesale customers specify the popular engineered products:

1) Hyne LVL (laminated veneer lumber) will replace Hyne LGL in all markets other than tropical Queensland. This cost effective engineered softwood is interchangeable with LGL in most specifications and features a high strength to weight ratio as well as availability in long lengths

2) The inclusion of Hyne Primed, a new finger-jointed and laminated range of Truebeams that are dressed, sanded, H3 treated and primed for outdoor, above ground applications

3) New Hyne I-Beam specifications, with flange size dimensions changing to 90 x 35mm in four sizes only. This will ensure continued reliable supply of this preferred product (with solid timber flanges) but it will require some minor variations to span designs

The package also includes the Hyne Beam 17C, Hyne Beam 18C and Hyne Beam 21C ranges, which remain the same.

Peter Hyne, general manager wholesale, said that the new Hyne Design v6.0 software will be a necessity to transition to the new and improved package.

“The new Hyne Truebeams package aims to make selection simpler, faster and better. We’re advising our customers to update Hyne Design as soon as possible and they will be met with unparalleled support and service from our technical sales teams.”