The new, state-of-the-art CSIRO Nutrition Building on Bribie Island is a collocated facility with the Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries (QPIF). This building includes four large laboratories and support spaces with an efficient water supply system.

The use of timber in the design was a key environmental strategy to avoid corrosion from salt air.

The structure has been built using Hyne Timber post and plywood box beams, as the materials are durable in a marine environment.

Environmentally sound timber materials
The use of timber minimises the reliance on steel products that would corrode in the harsh marine environment.

Durable Hynebeam 21s (Straight) was used for both the columns and the chords/webs of the box beam rafters. Marine grade ply was used as the sheeting material for box beams. This made for a practical manufacturing and fabrication process.

The end result is a strong, light, durable and aesthetically pleasing structure.

Hyne timber products used:
  • Rafters Box Beams made from 120 x 85 Hynebeam 21S
  • Columns 155 x 85 Hynebeam 21S Select Grade
  • Purlins 245 x 45 Hyne LVL H3