Hyne Timber ’s new T2 termite treatment for wall frames and roof trusses has been approved by Australian Standards TM6 committee for incorporation as an amendment to AS1604.1, which is scheduled for publication on Januar 1, 2004. A draft of the revised standard is now available.

In June Hyne Timber and Kopper Arch obtained approval for T2 under the respective marketing acts in NSW and Queensland while in July CSIRO supported Koppers Arch in finding that radiata and slash pine up to 45mm x 300mm section size and treated with T2 was a termite resistant building material south of the Tropic of Capricorn. The July approval for incorporation of the Hyne T2 into AS1604 completes the approval process for this new low cost termite treatment that is backed by a 25-year guarantee from Kopper Arch.

Where appropriate, Hyne T2 can be used as a primary barrier for wall frames and roof trusses in the protection of new houses against termites as required under the BCA.

Source: Building Products News.