Hydroscreen  is engaged in the manufacture and design of various components such as pivot systems and hydroslides required for frameless glass shower screen. Hydroscreen offers a wide range of hydroslides which include sliding door track, corner sliding screen and sliding door guide.

Hydroslide system is a shower enclosure system that can fit in wide gamut of shower designs. The fixed glass panels of Hydroslide system can be attached at an angle of about 90 or 180 degrees on one or both sides of the door.

Hydroslide door rail is known to reduce the requirement for supports or additional brackets. It enables the glass side panels to be securely and safely fastened. Hydroslide fittings are specially constructed for safety glass with 10m, 8mm and 6mm thicknesses.

Hydroscreen provides different types of handles such as discrete knobs, polished hole or rails to suit any décor.

Hydroscreen system permits outward and inward opening of the door to about 100 degrees. Hydroscreen can fit in wide gamut of door angles and door positions. Hydroscreen systems permit the doors to be hung at an angle of 90 degrees from the wall.

Hydroscreen provides wide gamut of pivot systems that include step floor pivot, flush floor pivot, ceiling pivots etc. Bottom pivots from Hydroscreen is constructed to prevent the flow of water into shower recess. The action that is forced by gravity enables the bottom pivot to self-centre the door. This action is known to provide reliable performance.