Giacomini floor coil headers are available from Hydroheat Supplies and are an ideal under floor heating solution for tiled areas. Under floor heating is laid into the concrete slab during construction. It works by means of warm water circulating through a system of pipe work.

From this point the system is made up of a number of coils, the number and length of each is dependent on the size of the room being heated. The heat from the coils is then transmitted to the floor by a process of conduction and then emitted largely by a process of radiation. The heated floor then radiates warmth throughout the room.

Under floor heating can be set up to run in conjunction with panel radiator systems if desired and each separate circuit can be controlled from the central header. This means that temperatures in various areas of the house, for example living and sleeping, can be balanced and adjusted according to the occupant's requirements. Room thermostats can also be added to the system for individual room temperature control comfort.