Hydro I nternational distributes glass reinforced polymer concrete drainage channels having lightweight construction. These MEARIN drainage channels supplied by Hydro International are available as MEARIN 100 and MEARIN 160 drainage channels. Both these modular drainage channels are lightweight.

MEARIN 100 consists of channels having a width of about 100 millimetres and a grate width ranging to about 122 millimetres. MEARIN 160 drainage channels comprise of channels with 160 millimetres width and 182 millimeters grate width.

Unique features of MEARIN 100 and 160 drainage channels supplied by Hydro International include good strength, easy and quick installation, unbreakable nature, hydraulic efficiency due to the presence of a smooth concave surface. These drainage channels are suitable for even slow moving heavy vehicles, they are resistant to salts, petrol, asphalt and oil. The channels are lockable and can be stored as well as transported with ease.

MEARIN drainage channels supplied by Hydro International are suitable for different types of surface water situations. Channel 160 consists of iron gratings that are ideal for forklift trucks as well as goods vehicles. Channel 100 drainage channels are available in four different types. Galvanised steel slotted gratings are suitable for light vehicles, while cast iron gratings of Channel 100 drainage systems are suitable for forklift trucks and goods vehicles.