Hydro H2O  supplies various channel types in combination with the drainage systems. Different channel types suited for drainage systems provided by Hydro H2O include Z channel, LZ channel, Z channel, C channel and D channels. MEADRAIN drainage systems supplied by Hydro H2O are visually appealing and provide effective and efficient drainage solutions in different places like freight forwarding yards, production complexes, traffic networks as well as pedestrian zones. MEADRAIN drainage systems supplied by Hydro H2O gets exactly accommodated in the terrain and also provides optimal flow rate.

MEADRAIN drainage systems can be installed in three different modes such as constant depth, built in fall and stepped fall. Constant depth option is used in situations where fall is not required. This constant depth channel run include usage of different channel height with widths ranging between 100 millimetres and 300 millimetres. Built in fall channel runs consists of a built in fall construction that has been achieved with the help of a continuous gradient. This employs usage of 100 millimetres channel having a linear fall extendable upto 60 metres. Steeped fall channel runs as the name suggests include channels with a stepped fall. This option provides free flowing as well as even discharge and uses channels of 100 millimetres, 200 millimetres and 300 millimetres width.