Hychem International  provides a wide range of grouts and pigmented coatings used for variety of applications. Grout portfolio provided by Hychem International includes Hychem PF 9 type of epoxy grout. Hychem PF 9 is an amine cured solvent free grout that features low exotherm, comparatively long pot life and high performance. Hychem PF 9 is suitable for chock and machinery grouting.

Hychem PF 9 is regarded to be resistant to several solvents, caustics and acids. Hychem PF 9 is known to exhibit ten times more tensile properties than that of concrete. The grout can be applied to a maximum thickness of about 150mm.

Hychem International also provides pigmented coatings. Hychem SF20 is an epoxy coating that is amine cured. This product offers a gloss finish when applied. Hychem SF20 can be used in aircraft hangars, motor workshops, warehouses and vehicle depots. Hychem SF20 is known to provide resistance against alkalies, fats, acids, cleaning agents and hydraulic fluids.

Hychem SF20 can also be used for providing safety finishes in wide range of sporting venues, entertainment complexes, hotels and clubs. Hychem SF 20 can be obtained in various colours and can be used for non skid and smooth surface finishes.