All across Australia, whether it’s a high-rise or a hospital, a school or a sporting arena, HVG Facades has been supplying stunning exteriors to many future Australian design classics for more than 60 years. As Australia’s leading distributor of premium non-combustible, external wall cladding systems, HVG’s products are used across a diverse range of exterior cladding, remedial and recladding applications in the residential, commercial, education, aged care, sporting and healthcare sectors.

With a highly experienced team to support the ideas and aspirations of architects, designers and builders at every stage of the process, HVG’s customer-focused experts cover it all. Their customer service is always available to provide samples, detailed technical support and give one-on-one advice.

A trusted industry leader, HVG has a national network of warehouses, inventory holdings in each state, as well as local technical assistance to ensure each project runs smoothly and on schedule.

HVG Façades is a supplier of superior cladding brands that offer high fire performance, low maintenance and proven durability in the harsh Australian environment. On top of that, each one of HVG’s functional and aesthetically-pleasing solutions are non-combustible and can be used across multiple applications.

  1. The ZINTL® aluminium cladding system is a favourite with architects, designers and builders alike for residential and commercial projects. Timelessly elegant and stylish, ZINTL® is available in a broad spectrum of colour options. Its unique series of interlocking weatherboard profiles are both quick and cost-effective to install and can be applied ‘off the shelf’ to a range of projects, as well as being customised to suit individual needs. ZINTL®’s durability means it requires minimal ongoing maintenance and is suited to applications in any environment, including coastal properties and high traffic areas.
  2. Whether it’s a new commercial project or the recladding of an existing combustible construction, MondoClad®, HVG’s premium solid aluminium panel solution, can be applied to even the most complex designs. It offers designers and developers a wide range of finishes and sizes, with custom colours and sizes also available. Made from a highly corrosive resistant marine grade aluminium, MondoClad® has a superior PVDF architectural paint finish that ensures UV stability and colour retention. It’s also 100% recyclable, so is highly sustainable too.
  3. HVG’s Swisspearl® range of high-density fibre cement cladding brings a touch of European design to the Australian landscape. Swisspearl®’s versatile custom fabrication will suit every individual’s needs. Coming in an extensive array of colours, textures and finishes, it’s a premium product that offers endless design possibilitiesHard-wearing and impact resistant, Swisspearl® can be used in new projects, recladding applications and for internal and external fibre cement wall needs.
  4. The ALUCOBOND® product range, manufactured in Germany by 3A Composites, is the most widely recognised aluminium composite material in the world. ALUCOBOND® is weather-resistant, highly durable and available in more than 50 colours, plus part of the range has the added ability to be bent, curved and shaped.
  5. The Trespa® Meteon® range, made from 70% wood fibres and 30% resin, allows designers to create a unique look, with decorative high-pressure compact laminate for exterior architectural applications.
  6. Lightweight but rigid, the DIBOND® aluminium composite range is ideal for corporate identity display and signage markets. 

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