Swisspearl, a high density fibre cement cladding product from HVG Facades was specified for the facade by the architects working on the St Martin’s Catholic Primary School project.

Located in a suburb of Greenacres in South Australia, the school features Swisspearl exterior cladding in an Azurite 7043 HR finish chosen by the Detail Studio architects.

An interlocking aluminium cladding system, Swisspearl fibre cement panels come in an extensive range of colours and finishes to provide the ultimate architectural design flexibility. Installed by SA Construct, the school’s facade achieves a modern and contemporary look.

Pleased with the outcome, the architects intend to repeat the use of Swisspearl in stage two of this project.

In addition to the unsurpassed range of colours, textures and finishes, Swisspearl fibre cement wall cladding comes with the option of custom fabrication to suit specific design needs.

Designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions even in remote areas, Swisspearl high density fibre cement panels are hard-wearing, durable, non-combustible and impact-resistant, delivering proven performance in all weather conditions. Recommended for educational facilities, Swisspearl combines a premium surface finish with low maintenance and high resistance to harmful UV rays.

Manufactured with a high level of environmental awareness, Swisspearl high density fibre cement panels are made from 95% cement, pulverised limestone, water and air. The manufacturing process uses a closed water cycle and slow natural curing, helping reduce energy consumption compared to the production of most other building materials.

HVG Facades offers their technical expertise and sales support in each state to assist with your specifications and order enquires. Thanks to local stocking, Swisspearl is easily accessible with the reduced delivery lead times providing you the assurance that your strict project deadlines will be efficiently met.